Catching up with Adwords clients

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January is a great month for catching up with your clients, and for setting new targets. Reviewing progress to date and asking about the results are tasks that should be carried out regularly, so if you’ve fallen behind, the start of the new year is a timely moment to bring things up to date. Clients want your input, so that they can focus on the next batch of updates to their business marketing.

I have found that this is also a good time to pick up new business from existing customers, often as a result of reviewing what’s gone before. The new year can suggest new initiatives, and a perfect opportunity to offer new PPC ideas. Adwords is constantly introducing new features. I have found that talking about these with your client can promote enthusiasm and an appetite for new campaigns, ad groups or keywords. This in turn can lead to new content requirements, or link building projects. For example, Google’s recent introduction of extended text ads provided me with the chance to add content to the ads, which prompted my client to think about new search terms. Hey presto, now we’re talking about a whole new area of their business, new blog possibilities and so-on.

So, the start of the new year has stimulated client interest in what I’m doing for them, renewed my focus on their needs, and provided a new batch of work for the next few months. Fix yourself a meeting to talk about new year Adwords possibilities.

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