Online Marketing for Increased Business

A credible internet presence = more customer enquiries

A well designed website that is easy to navigate and gives valuable information about your product or service should be an asset to your business marketing. We believe that due to the continued increase in the number of people with internet access, the internet can be and increasingly will become the most cost-effective means available by which to advertise and promote your business. As millions of internet users demand more from the web, businesses must organise themselves to reach out to their customers and to be seen ahead of the competition.

This belief is supported by current research by The European Interactive Advertising Association. Comments EIAA executive director Alison Fennah: “This research shows that while other forms of media are suffering from slowing spend, online continues to take a growing proportion of advertising budgets as brands increasingly recognise its impact, value and potential ROI.” More EIAA research results and statistics indicating the growing the importance of online marketing can be seen on the WARC website.

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In order to compete with all the other similar businesses using the internet to promote, advertise or sell similar things, it is vital for businesses to optimise the page content for search engines and employ search engine friendly methods to attract more visitors to the site.

Keywords & Phrases

The key is to identify what makes your business different from your competitors, for example, that might be a quality, a particular product or level of service which your competitors don’t offer. Or maybe, you can offer lower prices or discounts that make your business especially attractive to customers or clients. This is your unique selling point or ‘USP’. For best search results, the words or phrases that most accurately describe your USP(s) should be the same that your customers are most likely to use when searching for you. A properly optimised page will contain these keywords and phrases in a reasonable, though not excessive concentration. Key word analysis will determine which keywords are being used most often to find your product or service. Back to Web Design…

Relevant Content

The text on your web page should all be relevant to the page title. For example, if you’re providing an accountancy service, the content should be all about – that’s right – an accountancy service. As important as relevant content is, however, it’s also important to focus on your client/customer and their needs, in doing this. Remember that the customer is interested in what you can do for them. A useful free tool for assessing the content of an existing website in this respect is the ‘We We Monitor’, which can be found at Search engine optimisation will ensure that the correct content is used to describe what the page claims to be about, and gears this description towards client/customer requirements. Back to Web Design…

Link Strategy

Search engines rank websites using a number of different ‘scoring’ criteria, one of the most important of which is inbound links, also known as backlinks. These are links which are judged to be relevant and useful in terms of the subject matter of the website, and the search. For example, a search for ‘wedding venues’ might be seen as more rewarding if the destination website contained links to other wedding related services, such as wedding photographers, florists, limosine hire etc. Search engines are always trying to improve their user experience by identifying these more useful websites and promoting links to them. In the best case scenario, a search for ‘wedding venues’ in a specific location might actually result in a number of related websites on page one in Google. Inbound one-way links that occur naturally (i.e. where a website owner chooses to link to another website simply because they judge it to be useful and relevant to their customers) are deemed to be the most valuable, but the generation of reciprocal links can sometimes be worthwhile alternative, if conducted prudently, and with the web user in mind. Back to Web Design…

We can guide you through the many marketing options available at each level of the website project, from specification to design, build and development, promotion, organic optimisation and maintenance.

We can advise on and provide enhancements and functionality such as content management systems, e-commerce (online shop), subscription facility, searchable database, galleries, email marketing, and much more besides. Click here to see some examples of recent websites we have designed and built recently.

Call Joe Norris on 01737 816107 or 07740 471665 or email to discuss which options might be most suitable for your business or to learn about the possible benefits of marketing optimisation or reviewing your existing website design.

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